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Pentecost is Dead

August 14, 2019


     If you do not believe me just look around.  What passes for Pentecost is unrecognizable from the first century church.  The Pentecost of today is completely powerless.  Yes, people still speak in tongues, but they do it while watching sin on TV, Hollywood movies and internet.  In modern Apostolic Pentecost sin is no deterrent for saints in good standing in the local church.  Sins such as divorce, remarriage (adultery), skinny pants, homosexual mannerism, contraceptive abortions (the "Pill", mini pill,  IUD, Norplant, Depo-Provera, emergency contraception, "Morning-After Pill", and anti-fertility vaccines), short skirts, pants, low cut tops, makeup and jewelry on women, feminism, effeminate men, mind altering drugs given though doctor’s prescription, pornography (the elephant in the room).


     Real Pentecost has power to deliver from these and all sin, but the cheap imposter currently passing for Pentecost does not.  If your church allows or tolerates these sins your church is dead!  Do not fool yourself, sin causes death.  The first century church had power to overcome sin not compromise with it.


     Escape your dead church and find a Bible Beard church that has power to deliver people from sin.  Weak kneed feminist pastors, preachers, teachers and church leaders in modern Pentecost do not have what it takes.


     Power House


     Bible Beard


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